Mission & History


To promote the exchange of knowledge in railway engineering, operations and management.
To provide services to members and to assist them in developing their careers in railway industry.
To foster close ties with railway organisations world-wide with similar objectives.


In 1970’s, Hong Kong embarked major railway construction works in order to meet the rapid urbanization needs of its people. Permanent Way Institution (Hong Kong Branch) was founded in 1979 as a learned society organizing technical forum and social gathering activities for its members and the railway practitioners in Hong Kong.

In 1998, with increasing railway technical activities held between Hong Kong and the Mainland of China and support from the China Railway Society, China Hong Kong Permanent way Society (CHKPWS) 中國香港鐵道學會 was formed. Most of the members were transferred to the new society. Close collaborations with Guangdong Railway Society, Beijing Railway Society and Shanghai Railway Society has strengthened relationship between CHKPWS and mainland railway societies.

In late 2010, CHKPWS conducted strategic review workshops on its long term objectives to capture the recent major developments of railway industry in both Hong Kong and the Mainland of China. The major developments included the merger of Mass Transit Railway Corporation and Kowloon Canton Railway Corporation, the presence of more railway consultants and contractors for the five railway projects in Hong Kong, the ever-increasing closer relationship between Hong Kong and the Mainland of China initiated by the 12th Five Year Development Plan in the People’s Republic of China, and the need to maintain close relationship with the industry, PRC and PWI. These major developments drove major changes in CHKPWS to capture opportunities for growth and to enhance services to both members and the industry. In 2011, CHKPWS was re-named as China Hong Kong Railway Institution (CHKRI).