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Membership Benefits

The Executive Committee is responsible for the setting and implementation of policy as well as the organization of institution activities. President provides direction and advices for the consideration of the Executive Committee.
Membership of the Executive Committee for Session 2022/2023

Membership Classes

Individual grade: Honorary Fellow, Fellow, Associate Fellow, Member, Associate Member and Student Member.
Company grade : maximum 10 members per organization.
For eligibility of each membership class, please refer to the “Notes to Applicants for Membership of CHKRI” on the application form.

Membership Subscription

All annual subscriptions shall be payable to the Institution in January every year. The rate of current year is as follows:

Honorary Fellow and Fellow

HK$380 (annual)

Associate Fellow

HK$250 (annual)


HK$165 (annual)

Associate Member

HK$110 (annual)

Student Member

HK$100 (for entire full-time undergraduate period)

Company grade

HK$2200 (annual)

Members can opt to make subscription at the following rate in order to keep their membership status of the same grade for life, i.e. life membership.

Honorary Fellow and Fellow

HK$2280 (for life)

Associate Fellow

HK$1500 (for life)


HK$990 (for life)

Associate Member

HK$660 (for life)

Company grade

HK$13200 (for life)

Application Form

The hardcopy application form can be downloaded here.


You can send the completed form to our Membership Secretary in either way :
1. Email to or
2. Send by mail to Post Office Box No. 626, Shatin Central Post Office, Sha Tin, New Territories,Hong Kong
Alternatively, you may submit an online application via the following online form:
Membership fee will be collected once the admission is accepted.

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