Technical Seminar on Ballasting Machine – 大國重器,助力鐵路道床石砟更換工程全面升級

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Technical Seminar on Ballasting Machine – 大國重器,助力鐵路道床石砟更換工程全面升級

Date : 29 May 2023
Time : 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Venue : Online
Language : Mandarin

CRCCE is a leading enterprise in the Chinese railway maintenance machinery industry, established in 1954. In recent years, CRCCE has actively expanded into overseas markets, focusing on research and development and promotion of high-end equipment to meet the needs of railway industries in various countries.

Among them, the TBV-25 railway ballast vacuum cleaner is a new equipment that CRCCE has introduced into the Hong Kong railway industry. The unit adopts a vacuum suction method and is innovatively equipped with two sets of six-degree-of-freedom mechanical arms, which can complete railway ballast replacement without damage in a short period of time. It can also flexibly complete ballast replacement operations in narrow areas and complex turnouts. This ballast replacement mode is the first of its kind in China, filling the gap in the domestic research and development field, and its equipment performance meets international first-class standards. During the research and development process, the unit is also equipped with noise reduction and dust removal devices, and has passed multiple special tests to meet the environmental protection requirements of the Hong Kong railway system.

This sharing session will take the TBV-25 railway ballast vacuum cleaner as a starting point, and focus on the serious problem of track bed plate consolidation in the Hong Kong railway industry, introducing the screening unit developed by CRCCE. The screening unit is widely used for track ballast screening operations for domestic railway users and is a mature product. The unit can excavate about 500-600 meters of operation per hour on average, excavating about 600m³ of ballast, and its excavation depth is at least 210mm. Through a completely different equipment combination plan, CRCCE will achieve efficient replacement of railway track bed ballast with a new construction method. In addition, the screening unit has fast operating efficiency and high safety performance, which can help domestic railway users improve the efficiency of ballast replacement.


Mr. Li Gang is currently the Deputy General Manager of the Railway Operations Department of China Railway Construction High tech Equipment Co., Ltd. (CRCCE), specializing in the operation and management of high-end railway equipment manufacturing enterprises. I have nearly 10 years of market development experience in the field of national railway and national energy system engineering maintenance, and have participated in the marketing and management of key projects such as the Menghua Railway and the Sichuan Tibet Railway. At the same time, participated in the application and promotion of key developed vehicle models by companies such as rail milling cars, tunnel bridge cleaning machines, and side cut cleaning machines.

As the main management personnel of the East Rail Line switch ballast replacement project of Hong Kong Railway Co., Ltd., during the execution of this project, I successfully cooperated with MTR to solve the practical difficulties of requiring a large amount of manual participation, multiple small machinery cooperation, and low operational efficiency in railway ballast replacement. This effectively achieved the goals of reducing personnel and labor, improving quality and efficiency, and also effectively reduced the safety risks of cooperating personnel on the road.


Alex Lo
Secretary, CHKRI

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