Technical Seminar – Thermit Australia Welding Technology

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Technical Seminar – Thermit Australia Welding Technology

Date : 18 April 2024
Time : 18:00 - 19:30
Venue : Theatre, FTRH or Online
Language : English / Mandarin (Online Translation)


Thermit welding process, invented by Dr. Hans Goldschmidt in 1895, is an important welding technology, enabling the robust joining of rails for a smoother, safer ride. The seminar will explore how this technology has evolved to become a cornerstone in the creation of continuous, seamless tracks that are fundamental for the efficient operation of trains, and how it ensures the smooth connection of rails, contributing to the success of high-speed trains, freight trains, and urban transit systems worldwide.


Goldschmidt Thermit Australia is part of the Goldschmidt Group, with origins tracing back to the invention of Thermit welding in 1895. As a pioneer in rail infrastructure solutions, the company excels in delivering high-quality welding, cutting technology, and track services. Renowned for innovation and a commitment to excellence, Goldschmidt offers tailored, state-of-the-art solutions that ensure efficient, safe, and sustainable railway systems. With its global network and deep industry expertise, Goldschmidt Thermit Australia is a trusted partner for railway operators worldwide, propelling the industry into a future of seamless mobility. The speaker in the seminar will be Danny Austine. He is technical services manager of Thermit Australia PTY Ltd.


Alex Lo
Secretary, CHKRI


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