Technical Seminar – Unmanned Aircarft Operation

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Technical Seminar – Unmanned Aircarft Operation

Date : 7 June 2024
Time : 18:00 - 19:30
Venue : Theatre, FTRH or Online
Language : Cantonese / English (Online Translation)


Small unmanned aircraft (“SUA”) have been gaining popularity over the past few years both in Hong Kong and worldwide. The uses of SUA range from recreation and STEAM education to professional deployment for powerline inspections, surveying, 3D mapping, search and rescue operations, aerial photography and filming, drone shows, etc. To grasp the tremendous potential in SUA applications in tandem with the evolving technology and innovation, while also safeguarding aviation and public safety, the Small Unmanned Aircraft Order (“SUA Order”), Cap. 448G of the Laws of Hong Kong came into effect from 1 June 2022. The Order aims to safeguard aviation and public safety through a risk-based approach.


The Unmanned Aircraft Office (UAO) is a dedicated office under the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department, which is responsible for implementing the SUA Order and the corresponding regulatory requirements including registration and labelling of SUA, registration of remote pilots, operating requirements, equipment requirements, etc. with an aim to safeguard aviation and public safety. The UAO collaborates closely with various stakeholders from the public and private sectors to facilitate the application and development of SUA in Hong Kong. The speaker of the seminar, Miss Christine LAM, Senior Operations Officer of the UAO will introduce the regulatory requirements as well as will share the latest applications of SUA in Hong Kong.


Alex Lo
Secretary, CHKRI


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