Technical Webinar – 昆侖號架橋機技術交流

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Technical Webinar – 昆侖號架橋機技術交流

Date : 28 Aug 2021
Time : 9:30 am to 11:30 am
Venue : Online

In recent years, high speed rail developed rapidly in the world. There are 16 countries have built and operated high speed rail, including China, Spain, Japan, Germany, France, Sweden, America, UK, Italy and Russia. Construction of high speed rail will start in India and Thailand in the near future. Precast concrete box beams have been widely used in the high speed rail, therefore, the conveying and launching of precast beams are critically important in the construction. This technical talk will introduce a precast concrete box beam conveying and launching main-force equipment called “Kun Lun” Travelling Box Beam Launching Girder (1000t-40m), which was researched & developed, designed and manufactured by China Railway Construction Corporation Company Limited (CRCC) who has the proprietary intellectual property rights. The Launching Girder is a simple structure, easy in operation, high efficiency, high safety and high reliability. It combines the functions of lifting, conveying and erecting precast concrete box beams with span from 20m to 40m. It realizes barrier-free convey and erection of beams. This technical talk will cover the history of R&D, functions, construction process and key technology of Kun Lun. As a part of this technical talk, a real-time erection site visit through video will be arranged.


Tang Kunyuan, Director of Bridge Construction Equipment Institution of CRCC Hanjiang Heavy Industry Company Limited, who is dedicated in high speed rail bridge construction equipment research and development. He successively participated in the R&D, design, manufacture and major technical breakthroughs for the equipment below: R500 Long Rail Track Layer, 900t-32m High Speed Rail Box Beam Conveyer and Launcher (Split Type), 900t-32m High Speed Rail Travelling Box Beam Launching Girder (All-in-one), 2700t-64m Highway-Railway Combining Bridge Segments Launching Girder. He participated in a CRCC Grand Task named “High Speed Rail 40m Prestressing Concrete Box Beam All-in-one Convey and Launching Equipment Research and Development” in 2018, and as the Chief Engineer for 1000t-40m High Speed Rail Box Beam Conveyer and Launcher (Split Type), later he participated in the manufacture of the all-in-one type equipment as well. The equipment has been successfully used in the construction of Fuzhou-Xiamen High Speed Rail, Southern along Changjiang River High Speed Rail, Hangzhou-Quzhou High Speed Rail, Nanchang-Jingdezhen-Huangshan High Speed Rail, Shanghai-Suzhou-Huzhou High Speed Rail, which completed over 80% of box beam erection tasks for the aforementioned railways.


For registration, each participant has to confirm to CHKRI his/her name, employer and contact telephone number by filling the online form on or before 25th August 2021. Successful registrants will be notified in due course. The TEAMS link will be sent on 26th August. Certificate of Attendance will be issued to paid-up members ONLY.

Alex Lo
Secretary, CHKRI

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