Technical Webinar – OPjD Replacement Chillers

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Technical Webinar – OPjD Replacement Chillers

Date : 14 Dec 2022
Time : 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
Venue : Online Meeting via Microsoft Team

Chiller is the central primary refrigeration equipment to supply chilled water for different air-conditioning systems. It is an essential system to provide thermal comfort to passengers as well as optimum air condition to facilities. There are over 340 chillers operating in MTR stations and depots and planned to replace when they have been reaching target life over 20 years. In this project, total 154 existing chillers among 35 stations and 4 depots in 7 lines have been replaced with high energy efficient ACCs or Water-Cooled Chillers (WCC) within 2017 to 2022. With a year early completion, over $30M recurring energy saving and reduction of 20,000 CO2 can be achieved earlier as well. The Seminar will introduce the design and replacement strategy of newer and smarter chillers as well as the construction challenge of the chiller replacement project encountered.


Ir Chris Cheng is the Chief Construction Manager (Operations Systems) of the Capital Works Business Unit in MTR Corporation Limited. Chris has over 30 years’ experience in railway extension and major asset replacement projects. He is now taking the project management role of asset replacement, improvement and upgrading works covering projects such as chiller replacement, building services equipment, depot plants and equipment, engineering vehicles, trackside and platform operations systems in the Operating Railway

Ir Abby Kong is currently the Senior Construction Manager (Electrical and Mechanical Services) of the Capital Works Business Unit in MTR Corporation Limited. She is now managing diverse range of E&M projects in the Operating Railway.

Ir Leo Lai is the Senior Designer Engineer of Technical and Engineering Service Department in MTR Corporation Limited. Leo has over 30 years’ experience in environmental control system design in the Operating Railway.


For registration, each participant has to confirm to CHKRI his/her name, employer and contact telephone number by filling the online form on or before 12 December 2022. Successful registrants will be notified in due course. The TEAMS link will be sent on 13 December 2022. Certificate of Attendance will be issued to paid-up members ONLY.

Alex Lo
Secretary, CHKRI


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